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Making Space for Adult Kids at Home

It’s a bit of a contentious issue for some people; kids who don’t leave home or indeed, kids who do leave home, attend university, maybe have a year’s travel and then return to the loving fold of their Mum and Dad’s house to ‘save up’ or even just ‘to recover’.

For some parents this is a great thing; these are the ‘empty-nesters’ the parents who were miserable without their offspring leaving the milk out and forgetting to lock the front door.

For others, it’s more of a challenge! Not all parents weep buckets when the kids leave home; some are happy to have a ‘grown-up’ house again. To be able to enjoy their relationship again and maybe even to think about downsizing and having some spare cash.

Unfortunately, with house prices so high and banks not quite so keen to hand out large loans, the reality for many families is that children at home become adults at home and for some, there’s actually only a slim chance they’ll ever be able to buy their own place.

So, before you tear your hair out at the thought of your adult kids moving back in, take a look at some of these ideas for enlarging your home without an extension.

The hideaway in the garden

Think of this as a sort of adult den. A grownup’s version of the cubby house under the coal shed.

Utilising a summer house, garden shed or even a log cabin is a great way to make room in your home for one or two extras.

Use these extra ‘rooms’ as offices or even just as an extra sitting room. Somewhere you, or your kids and their mates can hang out and listen to music, pursue hobbies or meditate…whatever floats your boat!

The office in the cupboard

Building an office in a cupboard might seem a little desperate but in fact, it’s perfectly reasonable and if you’re clever about storage, then the cupboard can easily be given over to an office-space instead of a graveyard for unworn shoes and unused cables.

Fit out your cupboard under the stairs if you have one; they’re small but large enough for an integrated knee-hole desk and whilst this isn’t exactly the luxurious corner office with views you’ve always dreamed of, it might be just enough to save you from feeling like you’ve no space to yourself!

The main thing to remember when your adult kids are moving back in is that they are indeed adults! They’re not just tall toddlers who’ll do as they’re told. Treat them as adults and make it clear you expect the same back and you can make things work out as a family.

There’s no doubt that living with adult children does pose some challenges but remain pragmatic you might find that life is actually better as a larger unit.