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How to Use a Ladder Safely?

How to Use a Ladder Safely?

Ladders are great when working on low-risk, quick tasks but precautions should be taken to guarantee your safety. There are different types of ladders such as stepladders, loft ladders, roof ladders, combination & extension ladders to name a few, so make sure you’re using the correct one to avoid unnecessary risk. 

Carry Out Preliminary Checks 

Before starting any task, always check all of your equipment to ensure you’re not using anything faulty. Your ladder should show no signs of any visual defects because, if it does, it is unsafe to use. Make sure the stiles, rungs and locking mechanisms are not bent, because this could cause the ladder to collapse. Have a look at the feet; if they are missing or damaged, the ladder might slip. It’s also worth checking the steps to make sure they are clean, as they might be slippery and cause you to fall. 

Avoid Overloading or Overreaching

Once you have carried out all of the preliminary checks on your ladder and ensured it is safe to use, you can begin carrying out your tasks. When doing so, only carry light materials to avoid overloading the ladder. You might want to consider a tool belt so that you don’t have to hold anything whilst climbing. Furthermore, as you climb up or down the ladder, be sure grip it and face the ladder rungs; never slide down the stiles. Refrain from overreaching by ensuring the ladder is high enough for the task at hand. After all, leaning or stretching could cause you to lose your balance and fall. 

Check the Ground Conditions

It’s also important to consider the ground you’ll be using the ladder on; it should be firm, level and clean. It should also be a safe distance away from moving vehicles. Each of these rules can be applied to both leaning ladders and stepladders, but if you have any more queries about this, please speak to your employer or another professional.