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How to Revamp a Fireplace

how to revamp a fireplace

During the 50s, 60s, and even the 70s there was an unfortunate trend in home decoration which resulted in many beautiful and original fireplaces being ripped out.

This was because the trend was for gas fires to be installed and people wanted a contemporary look to their homes. The old ideas and looks of Victorian England weren’t seen as attractive and so out they went.

As trends took a turn towards the heritage in the late 80s and 90s, people mourned the loss of those beautiful cast iron features though for some houses, all was not lost – some were simply walled up, sealed behind boards or similar and forgotten about.

If you’ve got a non-working fireplace in your home then you may be keen to beautify it and make things look pretty again.

The good news is that it’s not hard to make some simple changes which without breaking the bank, will ensure your room has some heart to it.

Paint it

If you have a literal hole in the wall with a hearth and surround, you can’t go wrong in adding a coat of fresh paint.

Black or white or shades of grey will all work as neutral backdrops and if you have the budget, you can consider sourcing some gorgeous tiles for the hearth unless you’re lucky enough to have the originals in place.

The empty space can be filled with fairy lights, large pillar candles or logs. Even some rougher branches look stylish when twined with a set of battery operated LED fairy lights.

Alternatively, add a mirror to reflect and add more light to your room. Once you’ve filled the void to your satisfaction you can then add some lovely accessories to the mantelpiece.

The beauty of a non-working fireplace is that no matter what your style, you can make it a lovely feature of the room and a real focal point. Add a pretty, cosy rug to complete the effect.

Whether you plan on one day restoring it to full use or not, this project will ensure that the area looks pretty and is ‘used’ in some way. A useless space in a room will add to a general feeling of neglect and that’s never a good thing

Shop around for paints and accessories, make a mood board and check out other people’s ideas online.

You can even change things up seasonally and add items such as Autumnal wreaths, spring flowers and of course Christmas decorations when the time comes. Garlands and wreaths make excellent and impressive decorations and are cheap, easily sourced and can be made yourself if you’re the creative type.

There are so many options with regards to fireplace décor that it’s possible you’ll want to keep trying new looks on a regular basis!