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How to Repaint Your Timber Windows

How to Repaint Your Timber Windows

In order to keep your timber window frames looking good as well as watertight, you will need to ensure that they’re regularly repainted or stained.

You can really uplift the look of a home with a fresh coat of paint; if you want to really make a splash, choose a heritage shade rather than the usual cream, grey or white. Antique greens and blues look especially stylish and work in new or older homes.

Equipment list

  • Good quality paint; water-based are a good choice as they’re less toxic and work well on timber
  • Selection of narrow paintbrushes
  • A toothbrush
  • Sandpaper
  • Scraper
  • Masking tape
  • Small, old plastic container
  • Clean cloth and water 

A clean start

Begin by cleaning the window frames thoroughly. Use the clean cloth and plain water for this unless they are very dirty, in which case some sugar soap will really help to slough off the ingrained muck.

Sanding tips

When the frames are dry, you can begin sanding them down. You’re not attempting to remove a layer of paint here, just ‘roughing it up’ a little in order to help the paint stick. Sanding also helps to remove any stubborn dirt.

To ensure a really good finish, work a few inches at a time and feel the areas with your fingertip to make sure it’s smooth.

Clean up time again

Now you’ve got to clean up again! This time, you’re making sure that there’s no dust from sanding left behind to ruin your paint finish. Use a paintbrush to sweep away the loose flakes of paint and dust. The toothbrush is for the smaller crevices and corners.

Get a handle on it

Now remove the hardware. Handles and fixtures such as locks, don’t need any paint on them so take them off with a screwdriver. Keep them safe until you’ve finished.

Preparation is key

Masking tape is the secret to beautiful, clean lines. Tape off the windows to prevent paint from getting onto the surface, making sure you get it tight into the edges.

Now for an undercoat! Choose good quality undercoat as it really makes a difference to your final finish, especially if you’re going from a darker colour to a paler colour.

Once the undercoat is dry, it’s time for your first coat of paint. Begin in one area and work away from this point until you complete a ‘circle’. Don’t start at one end and then change your mind…this will result in an uneven finish.

A little at a time

Paint with only a little paint on your brush; don’t be tempted to ‘slop’ lots on in order to get the job over quickly. That will only result in drips!

Your final layer of paint should give a beautiful finish to your window frames and only when they are completely dry should you replace all the hardware.

Then sit back and admire!