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How to Reduce Draughts in the Home

British homes lose a huge amount of heat through gaps in and around windows, doors, and through walls – up to 35% of heat loss happens in these locations. Reducing and eliminating draughts in your home can help you save on energy bills and keep your home comfortable and warm throughout the colder seasons.

While it’s a good idea to identify the source of your draught, you can also look at the wear on your windows and doors to decide which items need to be replaced or repaired.

Take a look at:

  • Weather seals – older weather seals will not be as effective and may even be cracked or damaged. Replacing the seal will help to stop wind from getting in when the door is closed.
  • Glass panes in your door – if you have glass panes in any of your external doors, you may be losing heat through poor seals or just single glazed units. Seals can be repaired or replaced, and you may want to replace your door entirely or just install a double-glazed unit if you only have a single layer of glass in your door.
  • Keyhole covers and letterbox flaps – you can lose a surprising amount of heat through these holes in your front door. If you do not already have them, install a keyhole cover and letterbox flap or brush to prevent wind from coming in and heat from escaping.
  • More thermally efficient windows and doors – if you are willing to make larger updates to your home, take a look at new double or even triple glazed windows and more thermally efficient doors to help your home retain as much heat as possible.

Just a few simple changes can make a surprising difference to the comfort of your home and how much you need to spend on heating it. Take a look at our selection of windows and doors, as well as our insulation options, to find the best option for your home.