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How to Make Your Own Desk: 4 Ideas for Any Space

It can be surprisingly difficult to find a good desk that fits your home, needs, and budget, but very few people consider making their own. You can make anything from a single desk top through to corner desks using timber or sheet materials. Take a look at these ideas for a little inspiration, and click through to the instructions if you find something you like.

Plywood Desktop – The Simplest Option

If you have some filing cabinets and drawers, you could make your desk from some OSB board without the need for separate legs. This just sits on top of your filing cabinets and gives you a surface to work on. It’s definitely the simplest, fastest, and cheapest option available – the end result is sleek and modern, without being too minimalist.

You can find the full list of materials on the Hello Nancy blog.

Door to Desk – The Unusual Option

If you want something a little more original, you can turn a door into your new desk! The project on the Nourish and Nestle blog talks about using rustic old doors, but it is far easier to buy a new wooden door and stain or age it to get the look that you want. 

Trestle Table – The Rustic Option

If you’re happy to get a little more hands on and want a farmhouse look, this trestle table is perfect. The simple structure means that you have an incredibly sturdy desk, with plenty of space for your PC, printer, and anything else that you might need.

There is an in-depth tutorial on Old World Garden Farms, with step by step pictures of how to create your own desk using extremely inexpensive materials. The original was made in the US for under $50 – you’ll definitely struggle to find a quality wooden desk for the same price!

Corner Desk – The Most Luxurious Option

If you want more space, a corner desk is an excellent way to create an ergonomic work environment with plenty of room to spread out. The instructions on HomeTalk include a video to show you exactly how to go through every step. The basket-weave and the stain give it a luxury look and feel (especially since so much furniture is veneer or flimsy these days) but it’s still far cheaper to make this than buy something similar.