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How to Fix Problems with Internal Doors

How to Fix Problems with Internal Doors

The internal doors in your home have a big impact on the overall aesthetic of the room. Not only that, they are also there to provide a level of insulation and draught reduction, thus playing a major role in how comfortable your home is. You can find a range internal doors here at Lawsons including Deanta Oak doors, Fire Doors, Panel Doors, Ply Flush Doors and Door Blanks to suit the surroundings of your home and cater for your project requirements. 

As time goes by, you might notice the interior doors in your home develop one of many different faults. General wear and tear is often to blame, but it could also be down to something more serious like damp. Luckily, internal doors are typically quite resilient and you’ll most likely be able to fix the problem if you get your tools ready. Here’s how to fix some common problems:


Does Your Door Refuse to Stay Shut?

If your door won’t stay closed, it is likely because the hinges are in the wrong position, causing the door to strain. You will need to reposition the hinges by removing the screws, prizing it out and packing the space with a small amount of cardboard. 

Another reason why a door won’t close correctly is if there’s not enough clearance against the carpet, causing it to jam. A simple fix in such circumstances is to remove the door entirely and plane a small amount of excess wood from the bottom. 

Does Your Door Refuse to Open?

You might be experiencing the complete opposite problem; your door keeps sticking shut. If so, it could be due to an issue with humidity. You will need to either purchase a dehumidifier or just improve general ventilation in your home. Consequently, you shouldn’t have much of an issue with damp and mould going forward. 

Alternatively, your door might be sticking due to some excess paint on the door frame or the door itself. If you sand away the excess paint you should be able to eradicate the problem. 


Is Your Door Squeaking?

When the hinges on your door become stiff, they will start to squeak or creak. All you need to do to stop the annoying noise is add some lubrication to the hinges, such as WD-40; just be sure to wipe off any excess liquid. 

With adequate care, you can expect your interior doors to last a very long time; decades in fact. You might need to perform some simple maintenance from time to time to keep it in good condition and performing as they should, but it’s unlikely that you’ll experience any major problems.