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How to Choose the Perfect Decorating Roller

The perfect decorating roller

When painting a large surface, rollers are a lot more efficient than brushes, and they’ll help you complete the job a lot faster. Brushes are better for more careful painting, such as around the edges. However, with such a variety of different paint rollers to choose from, it’s important that you understand which one is more appropriate for the project. Read on to find out what to consider when choosing a new decorating roller:

The Surface

The surface of the area you’re painting is an important factor to consider, particularly the texture. For example, a rough surface such as an artexed ceiling will require a roller with longer fibres, such as our Axus Blue Pro Finish 9” Roller Sleeve, which allows the paint to infiltrate into the ridges. On smoother, newly plastered walls, shorter fibres are a better option, as they ensure more even coverage. The length of the hair on the roller is typically referred to as the nap or pile.

The Pattern

If you’d like to create a pattern, such as a stippled effect, you might want to think about investing in a stencilled roller.

The Paint

As well as the surface, the type of paint you’re going to be using is also important when deciding on a roller. Woven rollers are best suited to solvent-based paints, whilst microfibre rollers are more appropriate when applying water-based paints.

Our Additional Tips:

When using your roller, make sure you don’t overload it, as it will splash and spray everywhere. Apply it with a light, even pressure. For ceilings, it’s worth investing in a longer roller frame to help you reach. 

Good luck with your project, and if you intend to re-use your rollers, invest wisely and wash them thoroughly after each use!