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How to Choose a Loft Conversion Company

With all the stories of cowboy builders, finding someone to make such a significant change to your home can be a nerve-wracking experience. We supply numerous loft conversion companies throughout London and the South East, and have extensive experience working with reputable, quality builders who have the skills and materials necessary to build your dream loft conversion. Here are some of our top tips for finding someone who will create a quality conversion without the fuss or stress.

Look at Their Portfolio

One of the simplest ways to see work quality is to look at a converter’s portfolio – they should have images available of past jobs so you can see the finish and see that they have actually completed some loft conversions! However, a portfolio may be taken from elsewhere and some less reputable companies even use stolen or stock photography when putting a portfolio on their website. You can use reverse image searches such as to do an image look up and see whether their pictures are used elsewhere – unique images typically mean that they are genuine. If other pictures come up on the image look up, check whether they are just on other sites/profiles associated with your builder.

Check with Neighbours

Word of mouth is still one of the nation’s favourite ways to get recommendations – if your neighbours have had a loft conversion, ask whether they were happy with the work. Most loft converters will put a sign on the scaffolding when they are working on a loft so you’ll be able to check on the work online before you approach your neighbours for a reference.

Read Online Reviews

If none of your neighbours have had loft conversions, you can still use word of mouth to find a reputable company. Check online reviews to see whether people have been happy with their work in the past. Just Google the company name and reviews to see what people are saying about your potential builder online.

Get Multiple Quotes

Once you’ve found a few reputable builders with good portfolios, it’s always a good idea to shop around a little. Ask for quotes and check what is listed in the work – the cheapest quote may not work out as the cheapest job in the end, since the initial amount may leave out some desired or even essential work. This is your opportunity to meet with all of your builders for an assessment and get an idea of their experience and recommendations before making a decision.