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Floor Protection Products For Renovation Projects

Floor Protection Products For Renovation Projects

It’s always a great idea to start your renovation or construction project that you may have planned a while back. But you want to make sure you don’t damage your home’s flooring, as your flooring is an integral part of your home design and décor. Keep your flooring protected and prevent damage is important and sometimes dust sheets just don’t do the job well. That’s why you have the choice to choose quality floor protection products, which are better suited to protect your flooring throughout your projects.

Read on to find out our three key product suggestions to protect your flooring during any construction or renovation projects.


Floor Protection  – Taktec

Taktec was introduced to the market in the year 2000, and is now widely recognised for its high quality. Unlike basic grade adhesive films, Taktec has been developed specifically for the demanding requirements of the construction industry. Available in different grades to suit specific applications, Taktec is suitable for numerous protection requirements on-site.

Product Offering:

Taktec has 2 types of products which are available at Lawsons:

  1. Taktec Hard Surface Protection is a film protector, which is ideal for protecting both wood and laminate floors, finished worktops and tiles.

  1. Taktec Carpet Protection is a heavy duty self-adhesive film designed to withstand the demands of any job, whether it’s an office fit-out, a new home move in or a quick decorating project. It’s a great way to save your carpets from damage on your next project!

The protection films are a great way to protect your carpets and hard floors from any paint, dirt and damage and what’s more is that this product is 100% waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about any liquid spills that can cause damage to your beautiful carpet. You can even use Taktec on your stairs.

In terms of installation, Tacktec products are pretty easy to install. All you need to do is simply roll out the product whilst applying an even pressure to ensure the film sticks to the carpet or floor. Once in place, you can get on with the job, knowing that your floor is completely protected!

In terms of rating, we’d defiantly give Taktec the thumbs up!! With great self-adhesive surface protection products, you can certainly rely on them to do the job.

If you don’t believe us, why not see the Taktec Carpet Protector in action yourself:

Floor Protection – Hippo High Performance 

Hippo High Performance is another self-adhesive protection for hard floors during building and decorating work.

It is a non-porous, self-adhesive and low slip film for use on hardwood, laminate, natural stone or ceramic floors. You can protect hard floor surfaces from stains and damage during periods of decorating, renovation, building work etc. No special applicator is required, leave down for up to 28 days and easily remove leaving behind no adhesive residue.

This hard wearing floor protector is really quick and easy to use! The adhesive layer is reverse wound which means its sticky on the outside of the roll. All you need to do is put it down and kick out. And when you want to remove the film after your project is complete, you simply need to pull away to remove. There will be no adhesive residue left on the floor.

We also give the Hippo Hard Floor Protector the big thumbs up and recommend it to all our customers.

There are many products to help protect your floor and whichever floor protector you decide to go for, what’s important is keeping your floor protected during any DIY or professional renovation your home or building design will be going through. We always advise that you consider your project, your needs, and then decide what floor protection product best suits the job.