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Easy DIY Updates for Your Home This Summer

Easy DIY Updates for Your Home This Summer

There comes a time when you look around your home and everything seems a little bit tired, shabby or faded.

Often, it’s during the first flush of spring that people begin to notice their home is in need of some extra TLC. This of course is down to the change in light…sunlight streaming through windows will always show up the chipped paint, the worn carpet and the dusty blinds! It’s time to stop putting it off and make a start on sprucing up your home for the summer.

Of course, a complete home makeover is expensive and can also be very disruptive; this is why it’s often better to focus in on some smaller DIY updates which nonetheless can have a big impact on the look of your home.

Here are some of the most impactful but affordable DIY updates you can implement in your home this summer:

  • Radiator Covers: Ugly radiators really bring a room down. Large and somewhat ‘in your face’ they’re often in prominent positions due to the fact that they’re placed in the best spot to give maximum heat to the room. But unless you’re lucky enough to own beautiful and original Victorian radiators, then you’re probably faced with something much more practical than pretty. Radiator covers will instantly uplift a room and they’re very easy to make from MDF.
  • Painting and Decorating: A lick of paint is the go-to for most people needing to update or cheer-up their home. Don’t forget the woodwork! Tired, yellowed doors and skirting boards will really bring a room down.
  • New Internal Doors: Replacing internal doors isn’t as tricky as you might think. All internal doors are manufactured to standard sizes, so you will need to measure your old door and possibly trim the new door to fit perfectly. Old and damaged internal doors can really bring a room down.
  • Shelving: Carefully placed and well-designed shelving can lift a room enormously. Consider alcove shelves if you have alcoves in your room; this is a great way to bring a room together and the timber needed isn’t expensive.
  • New Kitchen Counters: Again, this is a project which isn’t too tricky for most DIY enthusiasts but can really lift a room. If your counters are looking stained, old and worn out, then the rest of your kitchen will too.

Whatever your budget, there are ways to lift your home without completely replacing the larger items within it. Look at the details, the finish and the colours within each room in your home.

Decide which room has the most worn appearance and focus on that first. Tackling a home room by room is the best way to ensure that you keep control of the work you are undertaking and will stop you from feeling overwhelmed if you’re trying out DIY methods for the first time.