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Benefits of GRP Roofing

GRP Roofing, commonly called fibreglass roofing or glass reinforced plastic, has been used throughout the UK for decades. Originally used for boat hulls, the material is seamless and an excellent way to create a smooth, even surface that can withstand even the worst of the British weather. That’s why so many of our tradesmen are starting to use systems such as Cure It.

There are plenty of reasons why GRP has gained popularity over the years and why it continues to grow in popularity even now:

Fiberglass Roofs are Low Maintenance

Once the roof has been installed, there’s practically nothing you need to do other than cleaning it occasionally. A well-installed GRP roof does not need to be re-sealed, patched up, and generally updated at all. This because of the nature of the surface – there are no gaps or weak points that need to be reinforced. This means that you can rest assured that your roof will not leak, even in the most torrential downpours.

A Seamless Surface Reduces Faults

The main issues with other flat roofs such as rubber and bitumen alternatives are the seams – these are key areas for bubbling or faults where water ingress occurs and slowly the roof deteriorates. There are absolutely no seams or inherent weak points in a well-installed GRP roof – just a single, smooth surface for rain to run off.

Long-Lasting Roofs Reduce Ongoing Costs

Finally, GRP roofs last at least 25 years when properly installed. There are boats from the 1950s built from GRP, which are still in use today – while most builder guarantees may not last quite that long, they often span at least a decade and your roof is likely to last far beyond that.

That longevity means that you reduce the amount that you pay for a strong, weatherproof roof over time. GRP roof installations may cost more than rubber or bitumen alternatives, but given the full lifespan of the roof you may end up saving money.