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8 Products Every Decorator Needs

8 Products every decorator needs

We have the tools to help you get the job done! Whether you’re removing old wallpaper or applying a fresh coat of paint, the tools you use can actually make or break the overall look. This summer we have introduced a new range of tools from AXUS and the OLFA ranges. Here are our 8 tools that we couldn’t do without:

1.    Masking Tape

Believe it or not, there are actually a variety of different types of masking tapes on the market, and different types have different purposes. Good quality tape will allow you to finish the job immaculately.

2.    Dust Sheets

Anyone carrying out a decorating job will need some dust sheets to protect the carpets and furniture from splashes of paint. They make the cleaning up part of the task a lot quicker and are much safer than slippery plastic sheets.

3.    Rollers 

Rollers come in two parts; the frame and the sleeve. Both are available in a variety of sizes to suit different project requirements. For example, an extra-long roller frame will allow you to reach awkward areas more easily, such as behind a radiator.

4.    Paint Tray

Paint trays are ideal because they allow you to decant paint from the tin to run your rollers through. This makes painting large areas (such as walls) a lot easier and a lot less messy.

5.    Scraper

For projects that require you to remove outdated wallpaper, you’ll definitely need a chisel edged scraper. This will allow you to scour off any stubborn bits of paper and paste.

6.    Cutting-in Brush

When intricate painting is required around the edges of a wall, you’ll need an angled cutting-in brush. You can fan the unique angled tips out to help achieve a fine line of paint.

7.    White Spirit

It’s important to wash the paint off your brushes after each use to ensure they can be used again. White spirit or turps will do the job! 

8.    Stepladder

When decorating, you’ll most likely need a step ladder if you want to reach the ceiling and tops of the walls, especially when you’re cutting-in and need to have a steady hand.
With our new AXUS range in store, we can now offer youdecorating kits which can give you all the main tools in one handy pack.