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5 Benefits of Foil Insulation 

Benefits of Foil Insulation

Foil insulation is sometimes overlooked in the UK as the tendency has been traditionally towards rock wool or glass fibre insulation. Some people are unsure about its benefits and many don’t look beyond the most common types of insulation.

Most people understand that foil makes an excellent insulator. We see it used in so many different applications, not just in buildings and that’s for a number of valid reasons. Let’s look closely at the 5 benefits of foil insulation.

  1. It works completely differently to other insulation: To explain why, we have to first understand a bit about U Value which is a measure of how well heat passes through certain materials. Low U Value is what people are usually after in loft insulation. The lower the U Value, the better. But foil is different because it does not have a particularly low U Value. This is because foil works differently. Foil does not work by preventing the conduction of heat as other insulators do. It works by reflecting radiative heat back towards the source. So it drives your heat back into your home…and not out through itself and into the ether. Industry tests have shown that foil performs extremely well despite its low U Value. 
  2. NASA can’t be wrong: NASA use foil as an insulator for spacecraft. That’s some serious business right there! NASA decided that foil has the strongest ability to prevent radiant heat loss and that’s vital in space travel.
  3. It’s lightweight: Foil insulation tends to come in rolls which are extremely lightweight and easy to wield…great in tricky spots such as small attic spaces.
  4. Foil insulation is easy to cut and install: Foil insulation is flexible and affixing it with staples or timber battens is simple. When you’re working in tight spaces, it’s ideal to have a minimum of tools in use and so foil insulation is the easiest option. 
  5. Many types of foil insulation are made from recycled materials: in a world where we’re all doing our best to use less wasteful materials, foil insulation which is eco-friendly is a huge plus. Maintaining your home is a must-do, so the greener the better!

There is a huge choice of aluminium foil insulation products available including aluminium foil tape in a variety of sizes.

Aluminium foil insulation is a great choice for loft insulation, conversion and extension works and with so many great reasons to use it, why not look further into it as an option for your project?