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4 Rules to Make a Beautiful, Functional Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most underrated rooms in a house – very few estate agents will talk about the excellent layout or light in a bathroom, but designing one properly to make good use of the (usually) limited space available is important to avoid stress in the mornings and cramped, dingy rooms generally.

Think About Storage

Storage isn’t the first thing you think of when it comes to bathrooms, but we keep a surprising amount of things in these small, overlooked rooms. Most people have their laundry baskets in the bathroom, pharmaceuticals, often make up and toiletries are stored there, and you may want to keep your linens or towels there rather than in a wardrobe. Already, that’s a long list that will require some laundry bins, shelving, and perhaps a cabinet as well as a sideboard. Planning your storage properly is essential to making the most of the space available.

If you think ahead, you could design your bathroom to keep your laundry hampers under the sink rather than somewhere you might knock them over, and you could plan the room so that spare toiletries are in easy reach of the bath or shower, just in case you run out of shampoo halfway through.

Consider How Many People Use the Bathroom

If your home features a regular line of people waiting to use the bathroom in the mornings, it’s important to consider that when putting your design together. In some homes, showers or toilets are separated so that people can use the bathroom, brush their teeth, or shower in privacy while somebody else uses another area of it. Likewise, trough or twin sinks might help you reduce waiting time in the mornings, and therefore arguments within the family. It’s surprising how much good design can contribute to harmony at home!

Add a Feature Piece

Bathrooms don’t need to be bland, and you don’t have to spend a huge amount to make your bathroom a little more beautiful. Simple features like a roll-top bath, or just a vase with some flowers can make all the difference to the feel of your room. You can customise an unusual sideboard or buy an interesting towel rail to add a touch of personality.

Go for Function Over Fashion

Finally, interior fashions come and go but your family’s needs should be central to your decision process, regardless which room you’re working on. It’s always best to design rooms around your needs, rather than what you might see on Pinterest or in interior design magazines, since those items aren’t created with you in mind (a lot of the time, they’re just created to look good in photographs). Take a look at how you use the bathroom and your greatest irritations, and work from there. You can add the flair and personality once you have decided on the basics.