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3 Easy Wall Decorations

wallpaper samples

Finding good wall decorations can be difficult – especially if you want something unique – so why not make them yourself. It takes surprisingly little time and skill to make beautiful wall decorations that suit your home and family – you just need a little patience and a plan for what you want to do. Here are 3 of our favourites from around the web.


Plywood Silhouette

Plywood is one of the cheapest DIY materials you can find – luckily, it’s extremely versatile too. With a printer, some scissors, and a little paint, you can make vintage-style silhouettes of the whole family. All you need to do is find a profile photograph or a family member and print it out (you can just use the black and white settings to save ink). Once it’s printed to the right size, cut around the edges to create a stencil for your wall decoration. Lay it on top of your plywood and get it into a position that you’re happy with, and trace around it with a pencil. The final stage is just painting the stencilled area – or leaving it blank and painting the outside instead – so that you have one area that’s painted and a contrasting area where you can see the bare wood. Once it’s dried, just hang it up and enjoy your custom artwork.

plywood silhouette


String Art

If painting isn’t your thing, you can create a decorative hanging without ever picking up a brush. Just create a base from plywood (you may want to stain it depending on your colour scheme) and decide what shape you’d like to make. You can choose anything that has a distinct outline – a favourite country, object, or even an animal. Once you’ve decided what you want on your decoration, draw an outline and hammer small nails in around 1-2cm apart (depending on  how complex the design is). Then hammer nails around the entire edge of the plywood, around 2 cm apart too. Now you need to wind string around the entire outline of the object so that you can see what it is. You’ll need to also wind string between the outer nails and the outline, so that you start to block out the rest of the wood so you can just see string and the interior of your shape. It will take a while to build up the effect, and don’t forget to knot your string properly once you’re happy with it.

tree string art



Wallpaper Samples

Everybody has some rogue picture frames lying around - you don’t need to spend a fortune on photo printing to actually use them. Just go to your local DIY shop and take some wallpaper samples to use in your frames instead. You can use vintage-looking scenes, florals, or just a pop of colour, depending on the look you’re going for. Then just put them in the frames and arrange on your feature wall. Easy!

wallpaper samples


images - Archetecture art designs