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Summer Houses, Man Caves and She Sheds

Just about everyone needs a little time out for themselves don’t they? No matter how large or small your home, no matter how many or how few people there are in it, we just sometimes need to get out and spend some quality alone-time.

The rise of the “Man Cave” in recent years was swiftly followed by the “She Shed”; the woman’s answer to the Man Cave is an artfully decorated feminine hideaway where women can disappear from time to time and indulge in reading, surfing the net, eating chocolate, or pursuing hobbies.

She Sheds are no different to Man Caves in their purpose, the only real difference is that the feminine versions tend towards the shabby chic or super-stylish in their décor whilst the masculine, towards the contemporary styled or vintage-cosy in theirs.

Summer houses make perfect Man Caves or She Sheds and if your household sometimes feels the strain of too much quality time together, then maybe you need to consider investing in the extra space a summer house can offer?

If you’re not in the market for a fully-glazed or partially-glazed summer house, then a standard garden shed can make just as fantastic a hideout and at less cost. It’s all about how you choose to decorate your Man Cave or She Shed and where you place it!

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large garden at your disposal, then you’ve probably got a few areas to choose from in terms of placement. A word to the wise though, never place your precious hideout beneath a tree. While it might look pretty, there will be issues with leaves dropping onto your roof and also with birds doing what birds do.

Find a sheltered area that ideally isn’t overlooked and is far enough away from the main house that you can really feel a little privacy – the last thing you need when you’re enjoying your Man Cave or She Shed is constant interruptions.

Once your hideout is up and ready to decorate, it’s time to go to town on accessories, soft furnishings, paint, and even carpet!

Many people choose hard wearing floor coverings for their Man Caves or She Sheds; laminate style flooring off the roll is a good choice as it’s easy to clean and won’t mind being close to nature. You can add a lovely, large rug to cosy things up a little and during the winter months this can be stored indoors.

That’s not to say people don’t enjoy their cubby houses in the winter because they certainly do! A heater can be safely used within your summer house as long as you’re present at all times and as long as it conforms to safety standards.

Let’s face it, what could possibly be more comforting than sitting in your private Man Cave or She Shed, with a mug of hot chocolate or something a little stronger, while watching the trees sway in the wind outside and listening to the rain fall on the roof?

There’s something undeniably special about a little home from home in the garden and once you look at the wide range of summer houses, log cabins and sheds on offer at Lawsons you’ll be a convert in no time.