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Log Cabins – Providing More Space for Growing Families

As house prices rise and more and more families find that the idea of moving to a larger property is simply out of their reach, so innovative space-saving ideas move to the fore with many people thinking out of the box when it comes to finding new ways in which to fit the family in.

While some people are in a position to commission loft conversions or extensions as a way of providing an extra room for their growing family, others are not.

Loft conversions and extensions cost many thousands of pounds and of course not all houses are suitable for them.

If you work from home as a growing number of people do, then it’s highly likely you’ve got an ‘office’ at the kitchen table or even under the stairs.

People cram work desks into the most unlikely places; their bedrooms, their dining rooms, kitchens and even cupboards which are for obvious reasons quite far from ideal.

But if your income relies on the work you do at home, then it is vital that you give yourself a decent and dedicated workspace. Somewhere which is quiet and which won’t put you in the middle of the action which so many family homes seem to see on a regular basis!

A log cabin could be what you need

Log cabins are eminently affordable; especially when compared to loft conversions! Cheaper than your average family holiday, a solid log cabin can look beautiful and make a great home office.

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t kit out a log cabin with not only shelving and a desk and chair, but also underfloor heating or a plug in heater to ensure you’re comfortable during the colder months.

You can also insulate your log cabin and lay carpet; just make sure that you don’t leave electrical equipment on whilst unattended (this goes for any home office!) and bring in your computer at night because of security.

A teen hangout

As your children grow, they take up more space…a lot more space! Many people with a few teens at home report feeling as though they’re guests in their own homes with looming young men and women gathering day and night to socialise (and eat you out of house and home!).

Kitting out a decently sized log cabin is a great idea if you feel your teens would appreciate their own space. You can lay rugs, add soft, outdoor beanbags (they’re tougher and will withstand rough treatment) and even a mini-fridge for those snacking sessions!

A log cabin makes a fabulous addition to any garden, providing an extra room without breaking the bank!