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Is That Allowed? Sheds, Cabins and Planning Permission in the UK

Is That Allowed? Sheds, Cabins and Planning Permission in the UK

The best way to approach any new outbuilding which you’re thinking of adding to your property is like this: if you think you have to ask then make sure you do.

Any significant change to your property’s exterior or interior should always be run past the appropriate authority.

We’re not talking about dog kennels or new front doors (unless you live in a heritage area!). We’re talking about large sheds, cabins and summerhouses.

The have been a few changes to UK planning permission laws in the recent past though some of those changes were made to ensure homeowners could actually make improvements more easily.

Certain things are considered to be “permitted development” and luckily that does include garden sheds. But you will need to check that the shed you want, doesn’t break rules that apply.

Here are a few handy-hints to consider before you choose your new shed.

  • The eaves of a shed cannot be higher than 2.5 metres
  • The max. height of the shed cannot be higher than 4 metres for dual-pitch and 3 for all other styles
  • The shed cannot be placed forward of any wall forming a principal elevation of your property
  • Any shed which is situated less than 2 metres from your boundary cannot be taller than 2.5 metres.
  • Sheds may not be used as sleeping accommodation

How large can I go?

It’s possible to have quite a decently sized shed in your garden as long as you consider this. “No more than half the area of land around the ‘original house’ would be covered by additions or other buildings”

That statement is from the planning portal and it goes on to say that any property which was completed on or after the 1st of July 1948 is considered to be the original- house. If your house was built prior to that date, then the date it was built is the date you use.

Log Cabins

Most log cabins do comply with the size rules which are listed in the permitted development rules and so you can pretty much assume that you will be able to have the cabin of your dreams.

Working in your shed or log cabin?

If you’re planning to use your new shed or log cabin as a home office, it should be fine but if you plan for clients to visit the premises or if plan to use it for the production of stock which might entail a lot of noise or mess, it’s best to seek further advice.

Remember to tell your neighbours before you put your new shed or log cabin in place; better to keep them informed than to cause issue where there might otherwise be none.