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How to Choose a Kennel for Your Dog

How to Choose a Kennel for Your Dog

Choosing the right kennel for your dog can be a little more complicated than people think. There are size requirements laid out by the RSPCA, as well as further practical considerations. However, once your kennel is up and running it’ll provide a shelter and a safe space for your dog out in one of their favourite parts of the house.

RSPCA Guidelines

The RSPCA has laid out a set of rules for kennels (especially kennel sizing) – these largely apply to dogs who are housed outside for the long term, rather than simply a kennel that’s provided as an additional space when they’re let out into the garden but mostly live at home.

Kennels need to be large enough for your dog to wag their tail without touching the sides. They should also be able to stand on their hind limbs and stretch out while lying down without touching the sides or another animal. You may want to measure your dog (including their tail) to find a kennel that fits their needs.

If you are keeping your dog outside as a permanent arrangement, it’s important to include heating and cooling to keep them at a safe and comfortable temperature throughout the year. The temperature within the kennel needs to stay at between 10 and 26 degrees Celsius. It’s best to keep a thermometer in the kennel so that you can easily see the temperature rather than guessing. The dog should also not be tethered or chained except for long periods – if you have items in the garden that you’d like to protect, it will be important to dog-proof them instead.

Further Considerations

If you are providing food and water in the kennel, there will need to be additional space for the bowls. While the kennel itself is the basic structure, you will also need to add bedding and perhaps some toys to make it feel like their own.

Some dog owners like to provide pregnant dogs with a kennel so that they have a safe space to retreat to when feeling overwhelmed or to give birth in. If this is the case, you will also need to opt for a larger version and maybe even add a curtain for additional privacy and reassurance.