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Your guide to Specialist Fencing

Your guide to Specialist Fencing

Specialist fencing, as the name suggest is made to fulfil certain requirements of commercial and public fencing jobs. These fencing projects use specialist fencing for improved security, stock fencing for field boundaries and high-visibility contractor fencing for temporary use during construction. 

To broaden your understanding on our specialist fencing offering, read our guide before you determine which type you’ll need.   


Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is one of the worlds most notable boundary fencing. Used globally, chain link fencing is a great choice for those looking for strong levels of security within domestic gardens, commercial premises, schools and even tennis courts. Available in a range of heights and finishes, with green and black pvc colour options.


Stock Fencing

Stock Fencing, as the name suggests is ideal for animal containment. You may also know stock fencing as agricultural wire fencing. Manufactured from thick galvanised steel wires with bigger mesh surface area, making it an ideal option for livestock boundary fences. Stock fencing is available for animals such as lambs, goats, pig, cattle and even dogs.

Contractor Fencing

Made from high density polyethylene, contractor fencing is ideal for temporary barrier fencing. Lawsons stock a range of orange high visibility contractor fencing, which is excellent to restrict entry into unsafe areas, lane demarcation in sports events and even pedestrian walkaways.

Chestnut Fencing

Chestnut fencing (also known as chestnut paling) is a versatile fencing option, which can be used as a permanent or temporary barrier to keep your dogs in (or out) and chickens in the garden. Chestnut fencing is unique due to its traditional manufacturing method and use of cleft chestnut, which is split by a grain rather than sawn. This process prevents water from penetrating the pores of the timber as chestnut is rich in sap containing oils so no further treatment is necessary.

Wire Netting

Wire netting is great a flexible mesh that can be used to fence in many types of animals (chickens/poultry). This galvanised wire netting is very durable and long lasting and a must have garden essential. Wire netting has many uses in both industrial and home environments, such as divide spaces, aid young plants and it can even be used a protection around plants to prevent access from predators as well as a reinforcement for plaster and concrete.

Post & Rail Fencing

Our post and railing fencing range cover two key types: knee rail and agricultural post & rail. Knee rails are ideal for use as a general boundary where security is not an issue and can offer a great solution in car parks to prevent ingress along or around verges. Agricultural post and rails, which are sometimes referred to as livestock fencing or rustic ranch is ideal for fence boundary around animals such as horse and ponies.