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How to Install a Garden Fence Using Fence Panels

Now is the time to get out in the garden and start those repairs and improvements you have been putting off, don’t delay any longer – enjoy the challenge.

Tools you will need for to install your garden fence using fence panels

  • String / Ranging Line - key to a straight fence.
  • Fencers Grafting Tool /Post Hole Digger - dig the post holes.
  • Spirit Level - you need to make sure the levels are right.
  • PPE Personal Protection Equipment such as Gloves - safety first!

How to Install a Garden Fence Using Fence Panels

  1. Choosing your fence: The first thing to consider is how you would like your fence to look like. You can opt for an all timber fence with timber fence panels, posts and gravel boards, or alternatively concrete slotted posts and concrete gravel boards.
  2. Setting out: Once you have decided on the style you will need to clear the area where the fence is to be installed and mark your line with Site Pegs and String/Ranging Line. Next, work out where your first post is and start from there.
  3. Start to dig: Dig a narrow hole which is 600mm deep for the first post. It sounds easy but without the right spade you will end up with a very wide hole and therefore requiring a lot of post mix to set your fence post in the ground. The best thing is to either borrow or buy a fencer’s type grafting tool or post hole digger - these are steel shovels with a narrow spade head designed to dig fence post holes neatly. Once the hole is dug, drop in your post, prop with old brick or hardcore, making sure it is vertical and then tip-in your post mix to secure.
  4. Moving on: Once you have concreted in the first post you can measure to the next post using your gravel board to determine its’ position. Dig the second hole and lean the post in the hole. If you are using concrete slotted posts and concrete gravel boards, place the concrete gravel board and your fence panel in the slot of your first post and push the second post upright so that the panel and gravel board are firmly held in the post’s slots. If you are using timber posts with a timber gravel board, fix the fence panel and timber gravel board to the post using metal cleats and nails. Once done fill in the second hole with postmix and allow it to set, and continue to work along your fence line using a string line to keep it straight and level.
  5. Top Tips: 
    • On sloping ground start at the high end and use longer posts.
    • If using timber posts, timber gravel boards and panels are best fixed to the posts with metal clips.
    • To determine the post length add 600mm in the ground + panel height + gravel board + trellis top.
    • If your fence starts from your house or wall, you can use a 100 x 47mm timber wall plate which attaches to the house, rather than using a post.

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