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How to Choose the Right Fencing for your Garden

Deciding which sort of fencing is the best for your property isn’t an overnight task! Getting it right lies in a number of different areas. Much will depend on not only your garden but also the area in which you live.

Aesthetics are always important too – you want your fencing to fit in with the style of your home and to compliment the rest of the homes in the area.

Think about the following areas as you browse the fences available to you.

Privacy: For many of us, our neighbours and passers-by are an accepted part of our lives. We all need to live together to some extent but privacy is not to be underestimated. If you live on a busy street but enjoy using your front garden, then it’s probable that you would like to have some degree of screening available.

If you need real privacy, then select a fence with little or no space between the boards; add climbing plants for a really private boundary.

Security: Security is on the top of many homeowners’ lists when it comes to which fence to buy. Generally, the taller the better if your main concern is putting off intruders. 8ft or more is usually seen to be the option which will provide the most secure boundary though the addition of trellis to a 6ft fence will also work for most people.

Ensure that the exterior section of your fence is not climbable; check how the boards lie…is there a ‘lip’ which could be used as a foothold?

What’s the view like? We’re not all lucky enough to have a beautiful view outside our home and for some people, blocking out an unattractive building or perhaps a busy road is vital.

Taller fencing is a good idea in this instance though if there is only one eyesore you’d like to conceal then consider ‘stepped’ fencing where only those areas you want hidden are fitted with taller sections.

Safety: Securing pools or ponds is an important consideration for people who have children or who have children who visit occasionally. Remember to check the laws on pool enclosure before you purchase any fencing or gates.

A chill wind: If your garden is at the mercy of strong winds on a regular basis due to your positioning, then a good choice of fencing is vital. You can maximise draught exclusion by the addition of hardy climbers.

Period Property: Some period properties are in a designated conservation area which means that fencing choices are somewhat limited. Check up on your rights with regard to your fencing choices before you buy.

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