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A Complete Guide to Garden Gates

>A Complete Guide to Garden Gates

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your garden with a clean and simple look, or you want to go wild with the design - choosing the best garden gate for your needs is a good place to start. 

Most of the time you’ll find that your garden gate is defined by what fence you choose, the materials you prefer and how your garden is laid out, so there are a few factors to consider when choosing the best solution for your backyard. 

There are two main types of garden gate to choose from - wooden or metal. Here’s a buyers guide to the best garden gates depending on your needs, style preferences and budget.

Wooden garden gates

The classic look most people go for is the reliable wooden garden gate. They’re versatile and can be treated easily throughout the year, as well as the ease of being able to paint it to match the rest of your fencing.

There are a few types of wooden gate you can go for. Most opt for the traditional slatted gates, either arched or flat top, and come in at just under £100. The beauty of these gates is their durability and timeless style if you’ve got a lot of high-rise fences in your garden and need something that’s easy to use.

If you’re looking for a shorter fence, then look at our matchboard or picket fence style gates. These are ideal if you’re only looking to cover a small area of your garden or if you’ve only got shorter fencing around your garden.

We offer a range of different wooden fence gates designed to suit many gardens; whether you’re keeping pets in an enclosed space or using it as a gateway to the back of your garden. Rest assured that there’s a reason why pressured, treated wooden gates are the most popular of garden gate solutions.

Here are the key benefits of wooden gates:

  • A cheaper, cost-effective solution
  • Designed and treated to protect itself against mould, rot and general decay
  • Can used a range of different wood - from rough, rustic-looking wooden planks to smooth and easy-to-treat planks
  • An attractive, versatile design that can be easily managed and kept clean

Metal garden gates

Mostly used as an entrance to the front of a home or into a smaller garden, metal gates still add plenty of character to your garden and are ideal for low-maintenance, minimalist gardens. 

Metal gates are usually slatted, so it’s a better solution for those that don’t have pets needing to be enclosed in certain spaces, but also a great way of maintaining both security and elegance.

Metal garden gates tend to cost between £100 - £200, depending on the style, height of the frame and the quality of the material. We offer a range of different sized gates to suit your needs, including shorter framed gates and larger, tall gates with stylish, modern designs.

Here are the key benefits of metal gates:

  • Metal gates are treated with metal paint that protects the gates from corrosion and rust
  • Can be found in a number of styles - designs can include swirls, spiked tops or simply slatted, if you’re looking for a gate that could deter people from climbing over
  • Can match with most areas of the garden as it’s usually in a neutral colour
  • Can add character to your garden in a subtle way, while also being practical


These two styles are the most popular garden gate choices and are our biggest sellers when it comes to gates and access points in your garden. Why don’t you take a look through our vast range of garden gates to upgrade your garden today?