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Fight the freeze – How to keep warm on site this winter

Fight the freeze – How to keep warm on site this winter

Temperatures can drop to below freezing during the winter months so it is always best to do what we can to prepare and to stay warm. The winter season can be particularly uncomfortable for those that work outside on site such as builders or landscapers. With this in mind we have collated 4 top tips to keep warm on site this winter.

Layer up

Multiple layers are the key to keeping warm; we would recommend wearing at least 2 – 3 layers of clothing during the cold months. Invest in some thermal wear to retain body heat and keep the cold breeze out as well as wearing your protective coveralls and waterproofs to fight against the rain and snow.

Insulated boots

A sturdy and safe pair of boots is essential for all on site work however when the months get cooler it is a good idea to invest in an insulated pair. There are lots of options including rubber bottomed and felt lined boots to keep your feet warm. You can have a look at the boots we sell here.

Keep your head and hands warm

Investing in a high quality pair of warm and protective gloves is vital to keeping your hands warm while working on site in winter. You need to choose the right pair depending on your job thinking about the material, thickness and texture. When the weather turns extremely cold it may be worth purchasing a pair of reusable hand warmers to keep in your pockets. Keep your head warm by wearing a hat or a helmet liner if your trade requires you to wear a helmet.

Take regular breaks to warm up

Sometimes the only way to get your body temperature back up is to take a break somewhere warm to heat up with a hot drink and some heating. Make sure that you take regular breaks when it is really cold!

As well as keeping yourself warm there are also lots of other considerations when the temperatures drop on site. These include ensuring that the ground is not slippery by using rock salt and keeping brickwork weather protected by investing in frost protection.