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Everything you need to know about our Brick Centre

Everything you need to know about our brick centre

Bricks are one of the most essential building materials required when it comes to any construction project and it has been for thousands of years due to its durable characteristics. Here at Lawsons, our Brick Centre Hub, we stock an endless range of bricks to accommodate all your requirements. In this blog we outline everything you need to know about our Brick Centre service offerings including our FREE Brick Matching Service…   


What Does Our Brick Centre Offer?

What is a brick?

In simple terms a brick is a type of block composed of dried clay, which is used to build walls, pavements and for other construction purposes. In many construction projects, bricks are mounted together by using mortar.

There are many kinds and types of bricks, which include facing, reclaimed and engineering bricks. Our Brick Centre stocks an extensive range of facing bricks, which are supplied by well-known manufactures including Ibstock, Winerberger, Forterra, Vandersanden and many more popular brands.

Our Facing Bricks Offering

Facing bricks have striking aesthetics and this makes them the most popular type of brick for external walls in the commercial and domestic property market. Generally, in areas where surfaces are exposed, facing bricks become very important due to their appearance.

Not only do they look beautiful, facing bricks have excellent water absorption and lower density properties, which are ideal for external housing walls, especially in the UK, where such durable brick properties (water resistance) are great for our cold winter months.


What Brick Colours are available to me?

As facing bricks are the most common for domestic and commercial use, they are available in a variety of colours. At Lawsons, you will find an extensive range of bricks available to you, including:

  • Red Bricks (popular choice for home construction as they look the most appealing).
  • Yellow Bricks
  • Brown Bricks
  • Grey Bricks
  • Purple Bricks
  • Black Bricks
  • Bluff & Rustic Brown colours


What Brick Sizes are available to me?

Our bricks come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all your building and brick size requirements. These include brick thickness of:


With 1000s of brick variants, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect match from our range.


What is our FREE Brick matching Service?

If you’re ever struggling to find the right brick for a specific project, we offer a free brick matching service. This may be valuable for those looking for a certain type of brick or whether you need to replace an exterior wall and require bricks, we will match the existing/old bricks used on the rest of the property.

Our service is free and straightforward! All you need to do is:

  1. Fill out ‘Request a Brick Sample’ form on this page and attach a photo of your existing bricks
  2. Our specialist team will swiftly identify your old bricks and get in touch offering you a perfect match and a sample if required
  3. Have your perfectly matched bricks delivery to you within 1-2 days with our express delivery option


Do we offer Express Delivery?

Yes, we offer express delivery with lead times of 1 -2 days (this is dependent on your order requirements).


Our Bestsellers

Now you know all about our Brick Centre, here’s our top 5 brick recommendations:

  1. London Brick Company Chiltern 65mm Stock Bricks

  2. Michelmersh First Quality 65mm Facing Bricks

  3. London Brick Company Dapple Light 65mm Stock Bricks

  4. Ibstock Funton Old Chelsea Yellow 65mm Stock Bricks

  5. Ibstock Tradesman Antique Grey 65mm Wirecut Bricks

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