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Lawsons are the largest independent timber, building & fencing merchants in London and the South East of England. Established in 1921 Lawsons now have a number of branches offering the complete range of building materials.

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We offer a range of garden buildings, including summerhouses, log cabins, and workshops – the type you require depends largely on size and aesthetic. If you are looking for a larger structure and thicker cladding, we recommend that you look at our range of log cabins. However, if you have a smaller garden or do not want your new garden building to be as imposing, a summerhouse is the perfect solution.

All of our summerhouses are made in Britain by a supplier who has been designing and manufacturing garden buildings for over 25 years. We offer a range of styles, but if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for we can also accommodate alterations to make sure that your summerhouse fits your style – options include verandas, modern style doors and windows, the size of the panes, felt tiles, and safety glass (which is perfect for summerhouses that have been turned into home offices).

Every summerhouse comes with a supplier’s guarantee of 12 months and is treated to avoid rot and moisture damage, but we do recommend that you treat the wood with a proprietary preservative once the summerhouse is assembled as well. Many of our clients choose to use our professional assembly service to get their summerhouse up and running as soon as possible – this ensures that you do not need to worry about scraping doors, leaking roofs, or uneven flooring (or the time and effort it takes to put a summerhouse together).

Take a look at our selection here or come to a branch to see the options available before you make your decision. Our staff are always happy to help you make the decision by explaining your options and offering guidance on the best choice for you.

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2.4x1.8M Cotswold Summerhouse 8062.4x1.8M Cotswold Summerhouse 806£1,090.96
2.4x2.4M Cotswold Summerhouse 8082.4x2.4M Cotswold Summerhouse 808£1,253.70
2.4x3.0M Cotswold Summerhouse 8102.4x3.0M Cotswold Summerhouse 810£1,462.66
3.0x1.8M Cotswold Summerhouse 10063.0x1.8M Cotswold Summerhouse 1006£1,723.06
3.0x2.4M Cotswold Summerhouse 10083.0x2.4M Cotswold Summerhouse 1008£1,820.70
3.0x3.0M Cotswold Summerhouse 10103.0x3.0M Cotswold Summerhouse 1010£2,014.96
3.0x3.6M Cotswold Summerhouse 10123.0x3.6M Cotswold Summerhouse 1012£2,242.80
Verandah For Cotswold & Rosedale Summerhouse 806 808 & 810Verandah For Cotswold & Rosedale Summerhouse 806 808 & 810£161.70
Verandah For Cotswold Rosedale Summerhouse 1006 1008 1010 & 1012Verandah For Cotswold Rosedale Summerhouse 1006 1008 1010 & 1012£191.74
2.4x1.8M Rosedale Summerhouse 8062.4x1.8M Rosedale Summerhouse 806£909.30
2.4x2.4M Rosedale Summerhouse 8082.4x2.4M Rosedale Summerhouse 808£1,065.76
2.4x3.0M Rosedale Summerhouse 8102.4x3.0M Rosedale Summerhouse 810£1,260.00
3.0x1.8M Rosedale Summerhouse 10063.0x1.8M Rosedale Summerhouse 1006£1,241.10
3.0x2.4M Rosedale Summerhouse 10083.0x2.4M Rosedale Summerhouse 1008£1,331.40
3.0x3.0M Rosedale Summerhouse 10103.0x3.0M Rosedale Summerhouse 1010£1,611.76
3.0x3.6M Rosedale Summerhouse 10123.0x3.6M Rosedale Summerhouse 1012£1,761.90
1.8x1.8M Lincoln Summerhouse 6061.8x1.8M Lincoln Summerhouse 606£989.10
2.1x2.1M Lincoln Summerhouse 7072.1x2.1M Lincoln Summerhouse 707£1,115.10
2.4x2.4M Lincoln Summerhouse 8082.4x2.4M Lincoln Summerhouse 808£1,251.60
2.7x2.7M Lincoln Summerhouse 9092.7x2.7M Lincoln Summerhouse 909£1,396.50
1.8x1.8M Devon Summerhouse 6061.8x1.8M Devon Summerhouse 606£886.20
2.1x2.1M Devon Summerhouse 7072.1x2.1M Devon Summerhouse 707£990.16
2.4x2.4M Devon Summerhouse 8082.4x2.4M Devon Summerhouse 808£1,102.50
2.7x2.7M Devon Summerhouse 9092.7x2.7M Devon Summerhouse 909£1,236.90
2.1x1.5M Clipston Summerhouse 7052.1x1.5M Clipston Summerhouse 705£770.70
2.1x1.8M Clipston Summerhouse 7062.1x1.8M Clipston Summerhouse 706£824.26
2.1x2.1M Clipston Summerhouse 7072.1x2.1M Clipston Summerhouse 707£879.90
3.0x1.8M Farndon Summerhouse 10063.0x1.8M Farndon Summerhouse 1006£1,083.60
3.0x2.4M Farndon Summerhouse 10083.0x2.4M Farndon Summerhouse 1008£1,191.76
3.6x2.4M Farndon Summerhouse 12083.6x2.4M Farndon Summerhouse 1208£1,374.46
3.6x2.4M Carlton Summerhouse No Verandah 12083.6x2.4M Carlton Summerhouse No Verandah 1208£1,791.30
3.6x3.3M Carlton Summerhouse With Verandah 12113.6x3.3M Carlton Summerhouse With Verandah 1211£2,103.16
2.4x2.4M Rockingham Summerhouse 8082.4x2.4M Rockingham Summerhouse 808£1,138.20
2.4x1.8M Oakdale Summerhouse 8062.4x1.8M Oakdale Summerhouse 806£1,409.10
2.4x2.4M Cottingham 8082.4x2.4M Cottingham 808£804.30
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Products per page
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