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Lawsons are the largest independent timber, building & fencing merchants in London and the South East of England. Established in 1921 Lawsons now have a number of branches offering the complete range of building materials.

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Major Heavy Duty Sheds

Major Heavy Duty Sheds

Heavy duty sheds are for people who would like that extra protection from the elements in their sheds, or extra protection for stored valuables. These sheds use more substantial framing and typically come in a wide range of sizes – depending on the model you choose, you will have between 150mm and 300mm extra eaves height, taller doors, heavy duty galvanised hinges, flexible door and window positioning, heavy duty felt on the roof, and will be able to choose from a range of options including extra doors, double doors, stable style doors, safety glass in the windows, and security windows. You can even order a shed with a partition and extra door to create separate areas if required.

Our supplier makes some of the most heavy duty sheds on the market. Each item is made to order to allow for optional extras and adaptations to ensure that your shed works around your needs, whether you need safe motorcycle storage, a sturdy home office, or even a gym.

Our heavy duty sheds come with a standard suppliers’ guarantee of 12 months against faults. It is a good idea to check whether your garden buildings are covered by household insurance to maintain coverage and peace of mind once the guarantee has expired or in case of against extreme storm damage.

As with all of our sheds, we offer a professional installation service to take the headache out of getting your garden storage or home office up and running. Just let us know whether you would like us to deliver your shed ready for assembly, or if you prefer for our experienced tradesmen to put it together for you. All sheds should be assembled on a flat, even, and stable foundation to ensure that they last and function well for years to come.

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2.4x1.8M Major Apex Shed 8062.4x1.8M Major Apex Shed 806£766.50
2.4x1.8m Major Pent Shed 8062.4x1.8m Major Pent Shed 806£766.50
2.4x2.4M Major Apex Shed 8082.4x2.4M Major Apex Shed 808£964.96
2.4x2.4M Major Pent Shed 8082.4x2.4M Major Pent Shed 808£964.96
3.0x1.8M Major Apex Shed 10063.0x1.8M Major Apex Shed 1006£909.30
3.0x1.8M Major Pent Shed 10063.0x1.8M Major Pent Shed 1006£909.30
3.0x2.4M Major Apex Shed 10083.0x2.4M Major Apex Shed 1008£1,050.00
3.0x2.4m Major Pent Shed 10083.0x2.4m Major Pent Shed 1008£1,050.00
3.0x3.0M Major Apex Shed 10103.0x3.0M Major Apex Shed 1010£1,352.40
3.0x3.0m Major Pent Shed 10103.0x3.0m Major Pent Shed 1010£1,352.40
3.6x1.8M Major Apex Shed 12063.6x1.8M Major Apex Shed 1206£1,030.06
3.6x1.8M Major Pent Shed 12063.6x1.8M Major Pent Shed 1206£1,030.06
3.6x2.4M Major Apex Shed 12083.6x2.4M Major Apex Shed 1208£1,188.60
3.6x2.4m Major Pent Shed 12083.6x2.4m Major Pent Shed 1208£1,188.60
3.6x3.0M Major Apex Shed 12103.6x3.0M Major Apex Shed 1210£1,533.00
3.6x3.0m Major Pent Shed 12103.6x3.0m Major Pent Shed 1210£1,533.00
3.6x3.6M Major Apex Shed 12123.6x3.6M Major Apex Shed 1212£1,747.20
4.2x2.4M Major Apex Shed 14084.2x2.4M Major Apex Shed 1408£1,387.06
4.2x2.4m Major Pent Shed 14084.2x2.4m Major Pent Shed 1408£1,387.06
4.2x3.0M Major Apex Shed 14104.2x3.0M Major Apex Shed 1410£1,835.40
4.2x3.6M Major Apex Shed 14124.2x3.6M Major Apex Shed 1412£1,935.16
4.8x2.4M Major Apex Shed 16084.8x2.4M Major Apex Shed 1608£1,525.66
4.8x2.4M Major Pent Shed 16084.8x2.4M Major Pent Shed 1608£1,525.66
4.8x3.0M Major Apex Shed 16104.8x3.0M Major Apex Shed 1610£1,960.36
4.8x3.6M Major Apex Shed 16124.8x3.6M Major Apex Shed 1612£2,213.40
5.4x2.4M Major Apex Shed 18085.4x2.4M Major Apex Shed 1808£1,698.90
5.4x2.4m Major Pent Shed 18085.4x2.4m Major Pent Shed 1808£1,698.90
5.4x3.0M Major Apex Shed 18105.4x3.0M Major Apex Shed 1810£2,136.76
5.4x3.6M Major Apex Shed 18125.4x3.6M Major Apex Shed 1812£2,400.30
6.0x2.4M Major Apex Shed 20086.0x2.4M Major Apex Shed 2008£1,837.50
6.0x2.4m Major Pent Shed 20086.0x2.4m Major Pent Shed 2008£1,838.56
6.0x3.0M Major Apex Shed 20106.0x3.0M Major Apex Shed 2010£2,380.36
6.0x3.6M Major Apex Shed 20126.0x3.6M Major Apex Shed 2012£2,628.16
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Products per page
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