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Lawsons are the largest independent timber, building & fencing merchants in London and the South East of England. Established in 1921 Lawsons now have a number of branches offering the complete range of building materials.

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Trellis Panels

Trellis Panels

Lawsons Trellis Panels are manufactured in the UK using high quality timber from well managed forests, this ensures high, consistent, long lasting quality. Trellis is a great use for screening or can be used for a garden feature for climbing plants. We can sometimes offer a next day delivery throughout London and areas of the Home Counties. These panels will transform your garden aesthetics’ and add to security with their robust construction.

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1828x305mm (12") Heavy Duty Square Trellis Brown Treated1828x305mm (12") Heavy Duty Square Trellis Brown Treated£11.39
1828x450mm (18") Heavy Duty Square Trellis Brown Treated1828x450mm (18") Heavy Duty Square Trellis Brown Treated£13.27
1828x610mm (24") Heavy Duty Square Trellis Brown Treated1828x610mm (24") Heavy Duty Square Trellis Brown Treated£16.52
1828x915mm (3') Heavy Duty Square Trellis Brown Treated1828x915mm (3') Heavy Duty Square Trellis Brown Treated£19.32
1828x1218mm (4') Heavy Duty Square Trellis Brown Treated1828x1218mm (4') Heavy Duty Square Trellis Brown Treated£27.73
1828x1524mm (5') Heavy Duty Square Trellis Brown Treated1828x1524mm (5') Heavy Duty Square Trellis Brown Treated£29.70
1828x1828mm (6') Heavy Duty Square Trellis Brown Treated1828x1828mm (6') Heavy Duty Square Trellis Brown Treated£30.74
1828x305mm Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x305mm Diamond Lattice Trellis£13.70
1828x454mm Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x454mm Diamond Lattice Trellis£16.60
1828x610mm Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x610mm Diamond Lattice Trellis£17.39
1828x915mm Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x915mm Diamond Lattice Trellis£26.69
1828x1200mm Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x1200mm Diamond Lattice Trellis£33.36
1828x1828mm Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x1828mm Diamond Lattice Trellis£43.10
1828x300mm Concave Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x300mm Concave Diamond Lattice Trellis£17.70
1828x450mm Concave Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x450mm Concave Diamond Lattice Trellis£18.71
1828x600mm Concave Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x600mm Concave Diamond Lattice Trellis£20.69
1828x305mm Convex Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x305mm Convex Diamond Lattice Trellis£15.11
1828x470mm Convex Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x470mm Convex Diamond Lattice Trellis£19.15
1828x620mm Convex Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x620mm Convex Diamond Lattice Trellis£26.09
1828x1800mm Convex Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x1800mm Convex Diamond Lattice Trellis£44.75
450x450mm Corner Diamond Lattice Trellis450x450mm Corner Diamond Lattice Trellis£12.77
1828x305mm Privacy Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x305mm Privacy Diamond Lattice Trellis£19.08
1828x610mm Privacy Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x610mm Privacy Diamond Lattice Trellis£24.17
1828x915mm Privacy Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x915mm Privacy Diamond Lattice Trellis£29.92
1828x1230mm Privacy Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x1230mm Privacy Diamond Lattice Trellis£38.08
1828x1828mm Privacy Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x1828mm Privacy Diamond Lattice Trellis£50.72
1828x915mm Convex Privacy Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x915mm Convex Privacy Diamond Lattice Trellis£34.69
1828x1230mm Convex Privacy Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x1230mm Convex Privacy Diamond Lattice Trellis£39.67
1828x1828mm Convex Privacy Diamond Lattice Trellis1828x1828mm Convex Privacy Diamond Lattice Trellis£50.47
300x3000mm Brown Trellis Top300x3000mm Brown Trellis Top£26.00
300x3000mm Green Trellis Top300x3000mm Green Trellis Top£26.00
600x3000mm Brown Trellis Top600x3000mm Brown Trellis Top£42.04
600x3000mm Green Trellis Top600x3000mm Green Trellis Top£42.04
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