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Lawsons are the largest independent timber, building & fencing merchants in London and the South East of England. Established in 1921 Lawsons now have a number of branches offering the complete range of building materials.

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Lawsons offer a full range of decorating materials, bringing you an excellent selection of professional paints, tools and accessories. Also stocked are paint brushes, fillers, tapes, adhesives, cleaners, preservatives, sandpapers, dust sheets, polish, oils, waxes, spirits, lining papers and tiles. With this vast range we are sure you’ll find what you are looking for in one of our many branches. See below for a selection of items available to order online.

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Concept Skeleton GunConcept Skeleton Gun£4.20
Rodo (0.5") 12mm All Purpose Paint BrushRodo (0.5") 12mm All Purpose Paint Brush£0.92
Rodo (0.75") 19mm All Purpose Paint BrushRodo (0.75") 19mm All Purpose Paint Brush£1.46
Rodo (1") 25mm All Purpose Paint BrushRodo (1") 25mm All Purpose Paint Brush£1.87
Rodo (1.5") 38mm All Purpose Paint BrushRodo (1.5") 38mm All Purpose Paint Brush£2.58
Rodo (2") 50mm All Purpose Paint BrushRodo (2") 50mm All Purpose Paint Brush£4.99
Rodo (2.5") 63mm All Purpose Paint BrushRodo (2.5") 63mm All Purpose Paint Brush£7.04
Rodo (3") 75mm All Purpose Paint BrushRodo (3") 75mm All Purpose Paint Brush£8.66
Rodo (4") 100mm All Purpose Paint BrushRodo (4") 100mm All Purpose Paint Brush£14.99
Rodo120x30mm Shed & Fence Block BrushRodo120x30mm Shed & Fence Block Brush£7.39
Scan Large Latex Disposable Gloves Box 100 SCAGLOLATEXLScan Large Latex Disposable Gloves Box 100 SCAGLOLATEXL£12.30
Rodo (4") 100mm Masonry BrushRodo (4") 100mm Masonry Brush£4.96
Rodo (4") 100mm Shed & Fence BrushRodo (4") 100mm Shed & Fence Brush£6.37
Rodo (5") 125mm Masonry BrushRodo (5") 125mm Masonry Brush£8.06
Rodo (6") 150mm Wall BrushRodo (6") 150mm Wall Brush£16.09
Rodo 1ltr Plastic Paint KettleRodo 1ltr Plastic Paint Kettle£2.39
Rodo 2.5ltr Plastic Paint KettleRodo 2.5ltr Plastic Paint Kettle£3.01
Rodo Pack Of 5 Assorted Sandpaper SheetsRodo Pack Of 5 Assorted Sandpaper Sheets£2.75
Tarpaulin 5.4Mx7.0M TDEALTarpaulin 5.4Mx7.0M TDEAL£16.18
TPS Clear Polythene 4m x 25mTPS Clear Polythene 4m x 25m£9.54
Rodo 12' x 9' Twill Dust SheetRodo 12' x 9' Twill Dust Sheet£11.60
Calico Cotton Dust Sheet 12'x9' CCD1Calico Cotton Dust Sheet 12'x9' CCD1£8.34
Wonder Wipes Tub Of 100 EverbuildWonder Wipes Tub Of 100 Everbuild£5.99
Builders Orange Latex Coated Gloves Size LargeBuilders Orange Latex Coated Gloves Size Large£1.80
Scan Heavy Duty Rigger GlovesScan Heavy Duty Rigger Gloves£6.70
Scan Canadian Rigger Gloves SCAGLORIGScan Canadian Rigger Gloves SCAGLORIG£5.34
Scan Knitshell Thermal Gloves Orange/Black SCAGLOKSTHERScan Knitshell Thermal Gloves Orange/Black SCAGLOKSTHER£7.04
Scan Safety Kit - Goggles, Earmuff & Masks SCAPPEKITNScan Safety Kit - Goggles, Earmuff & Masks SCAPPEKITN£11.88
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Products per page
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