32 X 150 mm Ascot Grooved / Smooth Softwood Treated Decking (3600mm)

Product code: F00002111*3.6
Online Price: £9.42 incl VAT
Online Price: £7.85 ex VAT
Grooved on one side and flat on the other, this decking can be laid either way up depending upon your preference. Always ensure you space the boards leaving a gap of at least 5mm (approximately the width of a decking screw) between each board to allow for expansion.

Features / Benefits / Applications

• Please note treated timber typically fades with age and can look darker when wet
• Kiln dried to help reduce the risk of splitting or warping
• It is recommended that decking is always kept clean and coated with sealing product or stain which will help prevent distortion.
• Ideal for covering unsightly rough or broken ground and creating a raised patio seating area
• Can be used to create level area around external exit doors for safer use

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