12mm Elliottis Ply 2440x1220 8x4

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Elliotis 12mm Ply is suitable for all general purpose building project where appearance is of little importance.


Elliotis Plywood is manufactured from a single specie of Elliottis Pine. The board is normally manufactured with an odd number of plies, each ply being oriented at 90 degrees to those bonded to it, to create a balanced construction. The face and reverse veneers are almost always oriented in the direction of the longest dimension.


  • Timber Species: Pinus Elliotti
  • Board Thickness: Imported in thickness of 12mm
  • Standard Size: 2440 x 1220
  • Bond Class: EN314-2


Structural and non-structural construction work, site hoardings, boarding up, packaging and shuttering.

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