Walther Strong Interior Clean Room Construction Tape 50mm x 33mInterior Clean Room Construction TapeInterior Clean Room Construction Tape In Situ
Interior Clean Room Construction Tape
Interior Clean Room Construction Tape In Situ
Walther Strong (50mm x 33m) is designed to replace conventional duct tape. Perfect for use with temporary protection on hard interior surfaces. The tape has a unique adhesive which is made to leave no residue from both hard and soft internal surfaces. Designed for interior use only.



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Will always use now - thanks Walther Strong
04/07/2017 by Bill The Lofty
Comments: We support loft conversions in North London, Now that i have tried this tape i won't use anything else, years of cleaning up residue on windows & velux's when plastering and painting - this product has a special adhesive - not come across anything like it - totally rate it. I can actullly re use it as well, Use your common sense when peeling it of painted walls - best peeled off at a 45 degree, however on on timber staircases windows aits a breeze, fully recommend - thanks Walther Strong speeds my jobs up - more beer for me :-)