Olympic Supply Company Fasten Master OLYLOG (pk50) 400mm
400mm OLYLOG Fixing
Lawsons 90 x 8mm (100 box) tough, reliable, precision-engineered self-drilling Hex Head Screws are manufactured from carbon steel and are proven to perform – even in the harshest of outdoor environments. There is no need for pre-drilling and each pack comes complete with the correct drive tool.



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  • Installs faster and easier than lags & spikes
  • Countersinks into log – Allows log to settle naturally
  • Draws warped logs down
  • Removable and reusable
  • Eliminates jarring and damage caused by a sledgehammer
  • ACQ approved

Manufacturer Advice

You need a high torque, low speed drill for your project. You need to also ensure that the screw is put in the sleeper in one go, without pausing half way through – this is a very important as there is a high likelihood that the screwhead will break off if you stop halfway through.
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