KTX 5.0x70mm Gold Screws (Tub) 500 No.
KTX Gold Screws
KTX 5.0x70mm Gold woodscrews are the most popular screws and used by all trades for internal work and for all kinds of woods. The special patented non-slip head is popular with all those who have used.



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MaterialHardened Steel
Size5.0 x 70mm
Pack Qty600 pcs

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for KTX, Square, Pozi & Philips drive screw bits
  • No wobbling, slipping or rimming out of head
  • Significantly reduced splitting enables close to edge fitting
  • Double countersunk head with ribs and tips for smooth surface finish
  • Uses on average 50% less energy than most other screws
  • Deep recessed head ensures no movement and transfers all torque and power to the screw
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