A Faithful black rubber mallet can be used by professional tradesmen in a whole range of industries as well being suitable for DIY tasks, particularly for tapping down paving slabs, and applications where a steel head is unsuitable. Featuring a self-locking contoured wooden handle it can deliver a gentle but firm blow with little rebound.

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The 600 x 600 x 50mm Council Paving Slab, in natural grey colour, is our most popular, cost effective, robust long lasting paving product. It has a lightly pimpled non-slip finish which makes it equally suitable for public and private pathways alike. They weigh just over 41kg so are considered a two person lift and appropriate PPE, including thick gloves, should always be worn when handling as the edges of the slab can be sharp.
M10 x 150mm Bright zinc plated (BZP) hexagon head coach screws are heavy duty screws designed for metal to timber connections, or to join heavy timbers. They have a hexagonal head engineered to be used with a spanner/socket. When they are driven into timber, the threads bite into the wood, while the head stops the screw from going all the way through as it provides compression.
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Our robust Timber Pegs are made from 47 x 50 x 600mm Sawn Treated Timber and are ideal for site setting out as well as a permanent fixing for timber edging. Being pointed enables them to be driven into ground to the required depth.
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