Expanded Metal Stainless Steel Lathing 2500x700mm 95S (DL111S)
Expanded Metal Lathing

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Product Specification

European Standard/ETABS EN13658-2:2005
MaterialStainless Steel
Width/Wing Length700mm
Individual Weight1.837 kg
Fire RatingReaction to fire: Class A1
Plaster/Render/Joist Depth13mm+ Plaster Depth
Fixing TypeStainless Clout Nails/Stainless Screws & Washers

Product Benefits

  • Acts as a carrier for plaster where no key or backing is present
  • Can be used over chases/columns to prevent cracking
  • Can be moulded into curves/arches
  • Can easily be cut to size using tin-snips or aviation cutters
  • Stainless Steel for external use

Installation Requirements

  • Must be spaced off substrate by 5-6mm
  • Movement joints must be provided every 5m, horizontally and vertically for cement based render
  • Do not use with Gypsum based plasters
  • Overlap sheets 50mm along short edge, and 25mm along long edge. Fixings to perimeter at 150mm intervals through ribs, central fixings at max 600mm every 2nd rib
  • If overlaps are unsupported, they must be wire-tied at 150mm centres. Sheets should be a rranged in a staggered (brick bond) pattern
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Bonding Compound is available in 25kg bags and can be used for bonding plasterboards and insulating boards directly to walls or metal channels.
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Thistle Hardwall is an undercoat plaster suitable for use on most internal masonry surfaces and provides a high quality impact resistant smooth surface, suitable for decorating, if given a final coat of Thistle Multi Finish. It only requires the addition of clean water to prepare it for use by hand or machine application.
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Thistle Bonding Coat is an internal undercoat plaster for smooth and low-suction backgrounds such as some brickwork, blockwork, concrete, expanded metal lathing and plasterboard. If given a final coat of Thistle Multi Finish it will provide a smooth, high quality surface to walls and ceilings suitable for direct decoration.
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