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1800x1200mm Sussex Wave Fence Panel
1800x1200mm Sussex Wave Fence Panel

Sussex Wave Fence panels are simple and elegant. The ornamental slats are profiled and ideally suited to a stunning fencing project. All the switching elements used to mount the fence are made of galvanized steel. Have peace of mind as the Sussex Wave Panels are vacuum pressure treated allowing for 10 year protection against rot. Comes in two sizes: 1800mm (6ft) x 1200mm (4ft) and 1800mm (6ft) x 1800mm (6ft).




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Product Information

Side Height to shoulder1020mm / 3½ft
Shoulder to Shoulder Width1800mm / 6ft
Apex Height1200mm / 4ft

Important Information

Please note: when using this panel with imperial sized (1828mm) concrete gravel boards and concrete posts, you will need to purchase an additional panel extension kit for installation. This is to ensure that the gravel board and fence panel are the same width.

‘Nail Bleed’ may occasionally occur due to various atmospheric, weather and locational conditions. Whilst this is aesthetically displeasing, it is not considered to be damaging or detrimental to the longevity of the product.
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