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Barrettine 2.5L Quick Drying Floor Varnish
Barrettine 2.5L Quick Drying Floor Varnish

Barrettine 2.5L Quick Drying Floor Varnish is quick drying varnish that can be used on untreated wood flooring to nourish and protect it, whilst naturally enhancing its appearance and durability. It can also be used on pre-treated flooring to maintain or improve its existing condition.




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CoverageApprox coverage 14m² per litre.
Size2.5 Litres

Application & Details

  • Recommended use on furniture, doors, flooring and panelling.
  • Product has an amber hue so is not suitable for painted surfaces.
  • Apply THINLY using an oil brush or a good quality bristle or synthetic brush and lay EVENLY, following the direction of the grain. Over-application will prevent thorough drying and levelling.
  • Allow 4-6 hours drying.
  • Hard dry in 12-24 hours with full hardness taking up to 5 days.
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