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Atlas Plus GipsarAtlas Plus Gipsar Imported from Poland
Atlas Plus Gipsar
Imported from Poland

Atlas PLUS GIPSAR 20Kg Finishing Plaster is for internal application to concrete, aerated concrete, cement, cement-lime and gypsum platers. Also ideal for filing small gaps in walls and ceiling as well as surface repairs before the aypsum top finishes are applied ie paint and wallpapers.




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gypsum top finish

  • Reinforced with polymers
  • max. single coat thickness – 3 mm
  • possibility of machine application
  • for machine and manual grinding
  • consumption: ca. 0.8 kg / 1 m² / 1 mm layer thickness.


To give some idea of coverage
BG Multifinish 25 kg bag, 2 mm: 10m2
Plus Gipsar 20 kg bag, 2 mm: 17 m2


For application of gypsum finishing coats on walls and ceilings.
Fills small gaps in walls and ceilings – can be used for surface repairs before gypsum finish application.


The product classified according to the standard as C7 gypsum finishing plaster.
Increased firmness – the strength of intercrystalline bonds in gypsum was increased by the addition of modified polymers - redispersible powder resins - therefore GIPSAR PLUS forms a uniform, firm and smooth surface for painting and wall-papering.
Possibility of machine and manual grinding – after drying the mass can be processed with professional grinders with appropriate sanding discs. Due to the product increased firmness after setting, there is no risk of irregular machine grinding. The finishing coat can also be processed manually, where slight irregularities can be removed by hand with appropriate sand paper or polishing mesh.
Forms strong and stable substrate – the surface can be easily grinded and the resulting dust does not block the mesh or paper.
Possibility of spray application– accelerates the coat application in comparison to traditional methods.
Very good working properties – the mass is plastic, does not form “bubbles”, roll and break during application, is easy to smooth.
Very smooth surface – aesthetic, uniform and smooth, forms excellent surface for painting or wall-papering.
Perfect coating – the addition of polymers makes the surface absorbable for paint coats which makes the finishing works easy and fast.
Resistant to cracking as the result of contraction during setting.


Substrate preparation
The substrate should be:
• stable – sufficiently rigid and sufficiently long stabilized. The assumed stabilizing time for substrates is, respectively :
−for new cement plaster made of ready-to-use Atlas plastering mortars, min. 1 week for each 1 cm of thickness,
−for walls of concrete, at least 28 days,
• dry,
• even – maximum single coat thickness of GIPSAR PLUS is 3 mm, maximum finishing coat thickness is 5 mm,
• cleaned – from layers that can impair the mass adhesion, particularly dust, dirt, lime, grease, wax, residues of oil and emulsion paints. If the substrate is covered with biological corrosion, use ATLAS MYKOS to remove it,
• primed
−with ATLAS UNI-GRUNT emulsion – in case of excessive absorbability of the surface (gypsum plasters and prefabricated gypsum units do not require priming).
−with ATLAS GRUNTO-PLAST mass – when the substrate is of low absorbability or is coated with layers limiting the adhesion.
Moreover, all steel elements which may come in contact with the surface finishing coat must be protected against corrosion.
Mass preparation
Pour the material from the bag into a container with water (see Technical Data for proportions), depending on the intended method of the finish application (the mass for machine application should contain the maximum recommended volume of water). Leave the mix for 5 minutes so the gypsum automatically soaks with water. Stir the mix manually or mechanically (using a mixer with a drill for gypsum) until homogenous and free of lumps. The ready to use mix must be used up within approx. 1 hour.
Finish coat application
Apply the mix manually or mechanically. While applying manually, use smooth stainless steel float and successively smooth the surface. Apply the mass onto walls in strips, starting from the floor towards the ceiling, moving the float upwards. In case of ceilings, apply the mass in strips starting from the window towards the interior, moving the float towards yourself. When applying mechanically, spray the mass leading the equipment lance 1-1.5 m from the substrate, in horizontal overlapping strips. Recommended nozzle – HDA651. In case of brakes over 1 hour long, the hopper and coils must be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed with clean water. Level the finishing coat using a steel trowel immediately after spraying. In both cases, the thickness of a single layer should not exceed 3 mm.
After drying the mass can be grinded with professional grinders with appropriate sanding discs. The finishing coat can also be processed manually, where slight irregularities can be removed by hand with appropriate sandpaper or polishing mesh. Any irregularities should be floated with a thin coat again (onto previously wetted substrate) and grinded.
Finishing works
Painting and wallpapering can start when the finishing coat dries. Acrylic paints or latex paints can be used. Before painting, prime the finishing coat with a primer recommended by the paint manufacturer.


  • The mix must be prepared in clean containers (residues of set gypsum reduce the setting time of the freshly made gypsum mix).
  • The hygienic attest allows to use the product not only in residential buildings, but also public access, healthcare, educational and care buildings, e.g. hospitals, surgeries, nurseries, kindergartens, schools.
  • The mass consistency must be thicker when filling in gaps than the one for the finishing coat application.
  • The finishing coat cannot be applied onto surfaces directly exposed to humidity.
  • Do not apply the finishing coat in bathrooms, laundries, or other premises with relative air humidity exceeding 75% over extended periods of time.
  • During setting avoid exposing the finishing coat to direct sunlight and draughts and provide proper ventilation and airing of the room.
  • The tools must be cleaned with clean water directly after use. Difficult to remove residues of the set mortar can be removed with ATLAS SZOP agent.
  • The product, because of its form (fine powder) may mechanically irritate eyes and respiratory system, even in the short-term contact, while with long-term exposure may mechanically irritate the skin.
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