120x155x4800mm Prestressed Concrete Floor BeamSupreme Concrete Floor BeamSupreme Concrete Floor Beam & Blocks
Supreme Concrete Floor Beam
Supreme Concrete Floor Beam & Blocks
120mm x 155mm x 4800mm Prestressed standard concrete floor beam with a section weight of 34 kg/m. Standard floor beams primary use is for residential and housing construction.



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Why Use Concrete Floor Beams?

  • Block & Beam flooring is a highly practical solution for and ground upper floors, quick and easy to install in all weather conditions without the need for special skills
  • Immediately creates a safe, level working platform
  • 70% of all new build ground floors are constructed using a Block and Beam system
  • For the homeowner, a Block & Beam floor helps to reduce noise transmittance through floors
  • Concrete floor beams provide a high level of thermal insulation and fire resitance


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100mm Celcon Standard Block
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