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Zara Dyer's amazing recovery

In September 2016, Zara Dyer suffered serious brain injuries following a car crash in Grand Cayman where she was working as a scuba diving instructor. The injuries were so severe that her family were warned that they should fly out to see her immediately.

But now, after making major progress and taking great strides in her recovery back in Lowestoft, the 31-year-old is looking ahead to the New Year.

Her rapid recovery continues to gather pace – as Miss Dyer is now out of her wheelchair, is walking with sticks, back swimming in the pool and within the past two weeks she has been able to go snorkelling once more.

Having undergone nine months of intensive treatment, Miss Dyer said: “I think its been probably my hardest year I have ever had, but because of that it has been the most I’ve accomplished. I love the water and the thing about being back in the water is it gives you your independence back, which gives you a lift.”

Her boyfriend Ian Brown said: “Compared to where she was after the accident, paralysed on the right hand side of her body to where she is now, it is amazing. To receive a nomination for the (Stars of Lowestoft and Waveney) outstanding bravery of the year award, that recognition when you look back to where she was and to where she could be in a wheelchair for rest of life – yet through Zara’s determination we are here. She has not let it beat her and this attitude has ensured where she is now.”

Miss Dyer has recently completed NHS treatment with the Livability Icanho Christian Charity in Bungay, with sessions including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. After the NHS funding ran out in September, her rehabilitation is continuing with regular walks, physio, swimming sessions, strengthening and conditioning sessions in the gym as well as trying complementary therapies.

Now that Zara is on the road to recovery she has decided to give back to the charities that helped her as there was no or little funding for recovery of her head injuries back in the UK. Zara and her partner Ian have started their own charity  3 Million Steps and she has challenged herself to work from John  O’Groats to Lands End starting on Tuesday 7th May to give the fundraising a kick start. The following link will take you to her website.



I’m Mark Dyer Zara’s brother and the branch Manager of Lawsons Whetstone Branch. At the time of my sisters accident I was Assistant Manager at Lawsons Camden Branch.

On Sunday 3rd September 2016 at about 7:30am I was getting into my car to take some of the Camden staff out paintballing when I received a phone call from Zara’s partner Ian, He couldn’t talk and all I asked was “is she alive?” to my relief the answer was yes but she’s not in a good way. After a few hours I heard that Zara was being airlifted to Miami due to the severity of her head injuries and after talking to family and work I was on the 1st flight out Monday morning to Miami.

After 10 emotional days out in Miami I flew back home with a heavy heart leaving Zara in Miami with Ian as it was now clear that Zara was going to be ok but a very long period of rehabilitation would be needed which is where Zara’s pure determination and positive mind set has helped this rehabilitation and made some achievements come quicker than thought.


As I returned to work I was amazed that my colleagues had had a collection for Zara to help pay for Zara’s recovery once she was back in the UK. Now we are two years on Zara is planning this incredible walk to raise money for those charities that helped her when she arrived back in the UK.

I explained to Paul Sexton (Lawsons MD) about Zara’s plan and shared with him her recovery video, Paul Instantly offered the support of Lawsons towards Zara’s challenge to help wherever possible which means so much to myself and my family. I have worked for Lawsons for over 15 years and at times like these Lawsons really do live up to their “Family Values”

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