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The Lyte HD628 5 way system combines 2 single ladders, an extension ladder, a step ladder, a work platform and stairway ladder and platform all in one.  Quick and easy to setup the ladder comes with a Handrail for added safety and the platform is non slip. Maximum permissible load is 150kg.
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The LX22 Crossliner is a self levelling laser with a lock function to protect the mechanism whilst in transit. The lasers can be used when locked with the adjustable tripod which means you can set a line at what ever angle you need.<br><br> Unlike most crossliners the LX22 has a plumb spot up and down which makes it ideal for setting out down lights.<br><br> The laser are extremely powerful and can be used with a laser detector to increase the range.<br><br> Optional ceiling grid bracket and target plate make it ideal for ceilings.
The Makita SK102Z cross line laser level has a 15 metre range and a pulse function so the beam can be better seen in bright sunny conditions. The pulse function also makes it compatible for use with a receiver (available as an optional extra – part no LE00785640) which further increases the range up to 30 metres. The laser has three settings, either vertical, horizontal or cross line. It can self-level on all surfaces with a tolerance of +/- 4.0 degrees and has a accuracy of +/-0.3. The SK102Z has a heavy duty rubberised outer shell to protect it and also has a pendulum lock for safe transportation.
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